• About our store

    Have you ever felt that the workout clothes you wear don’t make you feel comfortable or confident? If so, then Cravo is the brand for you. Cravo is a women’s activewear brand that focuses on combining comfort and elegance in every garment. Although the name Cravo comes from the region of Arauca in Colombia, where one of its founders was born, the brand itself was born in Dubai. This cosmopolitan and diverse city has been a great inspiration for its founders, who sought to create a brand that combines comfort and fashion for active women worldwide. CRAVO is a brand that represents the resilience and strength of women, taking inspiration from the people of Cravo Norte in Arauca, Colombia, a region affected by violence during the ’90s. The population of Cravo Norte felt the impact of violence. However, the people of this beautiful town did not give up. Instead, they worked together tirelessly to overcome adversity and build a better future. The founders of this new brand believe that activewear should be more than just comfortable workout clothes. It should be a tool to empower women and enable them to feel confident and stylish in any situation. That’s why this brand focuses on designing garments that enhance the female figure and offer a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. The brand’s pieces adapt to any activity you engage in, from a relaxing walk to an intense workout session. The fabrics and materials used are of high quality, ensuring the comfort and breathability needed to keep the body cool and comfortable throughout the day.  
    CRAVO is dedicated to empowering women and making them feel confident and sophisticated in any situation. Join our family and discover what it means to wear high-quality garments designed just for you.